Penuma® Penile Enlargement Cost

Couple Holding Hands After Penuma Penile Enlargement Implant

The Penuma® penile enlargement implant is considered elective procedure and, as a result, will not be covered by your insurance. For this reason, we accept a variety of payment options. Some clinics may offer flexible financing options.

Below, you will find some necessary information about penile enlargement costs associated with the Penuma® implant procedure.

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How do I get more information about the Penuma® penile implant?

If you have any more questions about penile enlargement or wish to schedule a consultation, please visit our contact page. We can help you find a Penuma® physician near you.

How much does Penuma® penile enlargement cost?

While penile enlargement cost varies by clinic, the penile implant procedure usually costs around $16,000 to $18,000 total. Since each Penuma® implant is customized to meet every patient’s needs, costs will vary.

What payment methods do you accept for the Penuma implant?

  • All major credit cards (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) 
  • Wire Transfer 
  • Cashier’s Checks

What sort of financing options do you offer?

While most financing is offered through the clinics, the financing option below with LightStream is offered directly to patients. Other financing options may be available through the clinics, including some that may offer no interest for a period of time. The application processes are fast, easy, require no commitment, and are 100% confidential.

The process for LightStream, the preferred financing option for Penuma®, can be started by clicking the link below.

What is the cost of a Penuma® consultation?

An initial consultation with our patient consultants is free and comes with no obligation. You can ask our patient consultants initial questions about the process for penis enlargement procedure or penile enhancement. After receiving this initial information, you will then be put in touch with medical staff who can qualify you for the procedure.

I need to be circumcised to receive the Penuma® implant. How much does circumcision cost?

The cost of adult circumcision is between $1,500 and $5,000 depending on where the procedure is done and the type of anesthesia used. Unless it’s done for medical purposes, circumcision is considered an elective cosmetic enhancement procedure and, as a result, will not be covered by your health insurance. Financing options may be available for circumcision as well.

How long does the Penuma® implant procedure typically take?

The penile enlargement procedure usually takes 45 to 60 minutes. You can go home the same day as the surgical procedure. However, you will be under general anesthesia during the penis enlargement procedure and will need to arrange a ride to and from the procedure with a competent adult. A full-time nursing service is available at most clinics at an additional cost.

What does the typical follow-up procedure look like?

You will have follow-up visits with your urologist for three days following the enlargement procedure. Your penis may be swollen for a few weeks after the procedure. This is normal and typically dissipates during that time. The clinic is available to help you throughout the post-operative period.

How long before I can have sex after penile enlargement procedure?

You’ll need to abstain from masturbation and sexual activity until you are cleared to do so by the clinic. This clearance takes at least six weeks following penis enlargement procedure, but it may take longer depending on individual circumstances.

What sort of results can I expect in penis size?

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine of 400 Penuma® patients reported an 81% penile lengthening satisfaction rate with the Penuma® implant as “high” or “very high.”

On average, Penuma® implant patients gained 1 to 2 inches in the length of their flaccid penises following treatment. Please note that these statistics are based on historical data. Individual results may vary.

How Do I Schedule a Consultation?

Contact us now, and we can set up a Penuma® consultation with one of our experienced consultants. 

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