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Dr. Shawn Blick in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Blick & PENUMA®

Dr. Shawn Blick offers the Penuma® procedure at his clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, where he brings more than two decades of experience to the ED Specialists of Arizona, serving men of all ages throughout Maricopa County. Dr. Blick began his professional pursuits at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York City, where he received his Doctor of Medicine with honors, before completing his residency at Beth Israel Medical Center.

As a urologist in private practice, Dr. Blick diagnoses and treats a variety of men’s health conditions such as erectile dysfunction and penile implants, male incontinence, low testosterone, Peyronie’s disease, enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer. He is recognized as an expert in his field and is one of the top penile implanters in the United States. Dr. Blick also offers cosmetic urology and penile enlargement using Penuma®. In addition, he offers cutting-edge treatment utilizing technology like low-intensity shockwave therapy and UroLift®, Xiaflex injections, and MRI Fusion biopsies for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Penuma Physician Dr Shawn Blick

About Dr. Blick

Dr. Blick completed his training in Urology at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. Throughout the course of Dr. Blick’s 21 years of private practice, he has focused expertise on Men’s Health. In 2012, Dr. Blick founded ED Specialists of Arizona, a Center of Excellence for Men’s Health and Penile Implant Surgery, becoming one of the best penile implant physicians in the world.

Most recently, Dr. Blick has turned his attention to cosmetic urology, offering penile enlargement using Penuma®. He has obtained direct training with Dr. Elist in Beverly Hills, and he is proud to offer his services to his community. Dr. Blick is a true perfectionist.

His attention to detail is impeccable, and his surgical skills are on par with the best in the industry. Best known for his bedside manner and compassionate approach to his service after consultation, it will be immediately apparent that Dr. Blick cares about your results, satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Clinic Address and Contact Information

Valley Urologic Associates

3815 E. Bell Road Suite 3600
Phoenix, AZ 85032

(602) 675-6200

Cost and Financing

The cost of the procedure with Dr. Blick is $16,000. Dr. Blick’s clinic offers financing through United Medical Credit and Fiona. Financing through United Credit incurs a $1,500 fee. Pricing is subject to change.

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Consultation Information

If you're interested in learning more about Penuma or would like to speak with a Penuma specialist about the Penuma implant and how it can help you, complete this form and we will reach out to you. Contact our consultants for more details.

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“Great doc. Way more personable than most doctors I’ve dealt with & never feel rushed when he answers questions or during consultations/examinations.”

—Daniel C

“Clear explanation on the procedure with supporting material using simple language making it easy to understand. Expectation of procedure outcome very well set, no false promises, plain and straight.”

—Enio C

“Professional and explained everything as he did his job. His staff also was very good and professional. Results are perfect.”

—Jerald F

“Doc Blick and his staff were exceptionally helpful and responsive. Since I was traveling from Hawaii, they helped navigate getting meds needed before the procedure and worked with me to enable telehealth follow-ups. I decided to have him do a penile implant for me after reviewing the Boston Scientific websites listings of doctors that are experienced with the implant, looking at a variety of sources that review doctors, and listening to a YouTube presentation that he did with another doctor. In addition, I found the hospital to be the best that I have ever encountered.”

—Marty S

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