Penuma Before and After Penis Image Gallery

Penis Enlargement Before and After Gallery

View the images of real Penuma® patients who have undergone penis augmentation before and after the Penuma procedure.


We recommend researching before making a decision about whether penis enlargement surgery is right for you. 

To help you do so, you can view penile implant pictures of the Penuma after the procedure. Each of these images displays past patients before and after Penuma implant surgery.

Each patient is different and results will vary, but historical averages indicate a 1-2″ increase in penile girth. Penile length (flaccid) increases also reported.

Penuma has partnered with top-rated surgeons to bring the Penuma implant to a clinic near you.

Penuma implants come in different sizes: 

The Penuma implant comes in multiple sizes, including: Penuma Large (L), Penuma Extra Large (XL), and Penuma Extra-Extra Large (XXL). 

Throughout the process, we will work with you to understand how the appropriate size is selected and contoured by the Penuma surgeon for optimal safety and aesthetics.

View an animated rendering of the procedure below or on Penuma’s YouTube channel:

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The following gallery contains nudity.
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