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Himplant™ Penile Enhancement FAQsEverything you want to know about the Himplant penile implant.

Penile EnhancementFrequently Asked Questions

Based on historical results, we have seen an average increase of 1″ to 2″ of added girth to the penis. Flaccid penile length gains have also been reported.

Erect length increases, if any, are unpredictable and depend on the individual patient’s anatomy. Individual results may vary.

Himplant before and after photos can be seen here.

Himplant is a subcutaneous penile implant, meaning that it’s inserted beneath the skin of the penis.

Your Himplant surgeon makes a small incision along the upper part of the scrotum.

By accessing the shaft through the scrotum, the chances of forming scar tissue in the pubic area are reduced. Additionally, due to the texture of the scrotal skin, the incision line typically conceals well after full recovery.

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Once inside, Himplant is placed beneath the skin of the shaft. Once in place, the implant is secured with stitches behind the head of the penis, allowing the implant to stretch forward when you achieve an erection. The implant is reinforced with surgical mesh for stability.

The surgeon then closes the incision and inserts a JP (Jackson-Pratt) drain, which typically stays in place for 2-3 days to assist healing (though this time period may differ by patient).

The procedure generally takes around 1 hour. View an animated rendering of the procedure here:

Himplant is composed of a soft medical-grade silicone sleeve and is intended to provide a natural feel similar to the texture of the penis. The implant contains no liquids or gels, meaning it does not dissolve over time like other penile enlargement methods.

It is manufactured at an ISO-certified facility under U.S. quality controls. Himplant hugs the penile shaft at 270, rather than 360, degrees.

This is to avoid placing pressure on the urethra, which serves ejaculatory and urinary functions.

The implant is also tapered towards the top of the shaft for a more natural look, as the thinner edges allow for more contrast between the glans (head) and the body of the penis.

The central ridge atop the implant allows the implant to open like a butterfly - this design is intended to help the patient to achieve an erection normally.

Increased size as a result of the implant can cause phimosis, a condition wherein the foreskin is unable to properly retract over the glans (head) of the penis.

Uncircumcised men may also face a higher likelihood of complications due to the increased difficulty of keeping the area clean after the procedure.

Due to these safety concerns, uncircumcised men must undergo circumcision prior to the Himplant procedure. The Himplant surgery can be performed usually 10-12 weeks after the circumcision, or upon complete healing of the skin.

We highly recommend that you get the circumcision completed with your Himplant surgeon. If not possible, you can have it done with your local physician.

Himplant is designed to feel natural whether your penis is in a flaccid (“soft”) or erect (“hard”) state. We have used soft medical-grade silicone to achieve the most natural feel possible.

Additionally, the capsule formation around the implant will give the implant more of a natural feel to the touch.

The entirety of this process will take anywhere between 6-12 months. Past studies have suggested that partner satisfaction is quite high. However, it is essential to note that the implant is a foreign object, and it may be detected.

As with any procedure, there are possible benefits and potential risks. Your physician will thoroughly discuss all possible risks, complications, benefits, and alternatives (including no procedure) with you in advance of any procedure.

Our IRB-approved, retrospective clinical study found that patients experienced high levels of satisfaction and self-confidence as a result of the implant.

There were a small number of adverse events reported (e.g., infection in 3% of cases and seroma or fluid build-up in 5% of cases), often due to patient non-compliance with post-operative care instructions.

Closely adhering to the post-operative protocol can reduce the likelihood of any complications. Please watch our informational video, which discusses realistic expectations and potential risks, benefits, and complications of the procedure:

The implant is available in multiple sizes, including Large (L), Extra Large (XL), and Extra Extra Large (XXL).

Your physician will determine the best size for your individual anatomy to ensure patient satisfaction and safety.

Patient safety is our number one priority; your physician will consider the flexibility of your skin, the amount of loose skin, and the initial size of the shaft, including the internal portion of the shaft, to choose the safest size for you.

Each implant will be tailored to ensure that you receive the largest that you can safely accommodate, considering your anatomy, safety, and penile appearance. It is essential to note that the gains in thickness are the result of the capsule formation and the thickness of the implant added to the girth.

Increases in length, if any, would happen after the formation of the capsule is complete. There are various factors that can contribute to the result, including skin flexibility and the stretchiness of the ligament due to the implant’s weight. Historically, we have seen similar results for all different sizes of Himplant.

Depending on the clinic selected, the cost of the procedure ranges from $16,000 to $18,000.

Because the Himplant procedure is an elective cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance.

Prices for specific clinics can be found on the individual doctor’s pages through our Locations page.

Your consultant can help you see what financing options are available for your location from our third-party lenders. Learn more about the costs of the Himplant™ implant.

Based on a clinical review of 400 patients over 5 years, there were no cases of changes to penile function, ability to get or sustain an erection, or ejaculation during sex.

There may be a change in sensation. Some patients have reported both increased and decreased sensitivity. This is generally temporary and typically resolves over time as the skin expands. Individual results may vary.

The Himplant procedure can only be performed by Himplant-trained providers within our nationwide network. See the Himplant Clinics page for a full directory of available locations and doctors. The procedure is offered in:


If traveling, please bear in mind that you will need to stay in the area for at least three days after the procedure for post-operative follow-up visits. Please let your consultant know if you have a preferred clinic location or find a physician near you. More locations will be available soon.

Himplant is not for everyone. Patients must meet the age requirement (21 or 25 depending on the location selected) and must be circumcised before receiving the implant.

Patients who have undergone other methods of penile enhancement are usually not eligible since their skin has been damaged by foreign materials. Even if the other procedure was done several years ago, the penis does not fully return to normal; there will always be remnants present and attached to the interior lining of the penile tissue.

Even after the removal of a foreign body, insertion of the implant cannot be done. The implant does not lay properly within the shaft, and the skin does not heal well around the implant. Consequently, those patients end up in a much higher risk category for complications and infection.

You must be in good general health to undergo anesthesia.

All patients must refrain from tobacco and illicit drugs for a minimum of 30 days prior to the procedure and for at least 3 months after the procedure.

You should have realistic expectations from Himplant and what it can offer. This implant can help improve your confidence, but it is not a solution to other issues. You must agree to follow all pre and post-operative instructions.

To find out if you are a candidate, start with the eligibility questionnaire. After your initial evaluation, you can consult further with your Himplant consultant and surgeon.

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Some wonder what the difference is between FDA clearance and FDA approval. FDA clearance means that the FDA has reviewed relevant information and determined that the device is substantially equivalent to a market predicate. The FDA clearance process is generally reserved for devices that the FDA believes have a lower risk profile.

The FDA approval process involves an FDA review of the benefits and risks of a specific device to determine whether a device should be approved. It is generally for higher-risk devices or devices without a market predicate. If a device is FDA-cleared or approved, it means that it can be used by healthcare professionals in the US. For more information, visit fda.gov.

Transformative Results

Is Himplant the right choice for you?

Are you contemplating the Himplant procedure but uncertain about your eligibility? If you're over 21 and seeking penile enhancement, the Himplant procedure might be a viable option. For individuals dealing with retractile penises, buried penises, or experiencing mild or moderate penile curvature, Himplant could offer a suitable solution.

We are committed to ensuring that you possess all the necessary information to determine whether Himplant's penile enhancement procedure aligns with your unique circumstances. Schedule a consultation today and explore how Himplant, the successor to the Penuma implant, can empower you to lead a life filled with confidence.