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Penuma® Penile Enlargement Implant For Men

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The World’s First FDA-Cleared Penile Enlargement Implant

What is Penuma®?

Penuma is the first FDA-cleared penile implant for cosmetic male enhancement. Developed by world-renowned urologists, Penuma has been successfully implanted in thousands of men since 2004.

Patients have historically had an increase of girth of one to two inches on average, with flaccid length increases also being observed. Penuma has a solid track record of self-reported patient satisfaction.

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We’re Growing

Penuma by Location

As the world’s first FDA-cleared penile enlargement implant, Penuma is attracting surgeons across the nation. Click the link below to find a Penuma surgeon near you.

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Before & After Gallery

Real Patients, Real Results
Actual Penile Enhancement Before And After Photos
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It’s Your Time

Your Penuma Consultation

In creating Penuma, our goal is to help men boost their confidence: in the bedroom and in life. We want you to have the self-assurance to enjoy each day to the fullest and build satisfying relationships.

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Four Simple Steps to Penuma

We are committed to providing comprehensive answers to any questions you may have to choose the best option at Penuma. Penuma® recognizes the importance of confidentiality and the uniqueness of each customer's situation. To get in touch with a patient consultant, submit your contact form. Within three business days of receiving your inquiry, you may expect to hear back from your consultant.

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Advantages of The Penuma® Implant

Penuma is the first 510(K)-cleared penile implant for cosmetic enhancement. Key implant and procedure features include:

Implant Features

  • Significant potential cosmetic enhancements to the penis
  • Natural looking and removable
  • No interference with penile function in extensive clinical report
  • No blockage of, or interference with, the urethra (e.g., for future cystoscopy)
  • Manufactured in an ISO-certified facility under U.S. quality controls

Procedure Features

  • Short, outpatient procedure
  • No incisions or scar formation on the penis (small scrotal incision)
  • Short recovery time (the Penuma patient can return to routine daily activities within 2-4 days, while sexual activity and rigorous exercise take longer)
  • Strong track record of patient satisfaction
  • Low reported adverse event rate

Before any procedure, your doctor will also review all the possible risks, advantages, and alternatives, including not having any surgery. Your surgeon will also determine whether the implant is a good fit for you based on your unique physiology, goals, and expectations through phone and online consultations, in-person visits, and any necessary self-reported questionnaires. We advise that you speak with a qualified therapist before pursuing this surgery.

Backed by Science

Penuma may be an option for you

Our physicians are internationally recognized and are members of major medical associations, where they have presented extensive clinical data on the use of Penuma over the past decade. Throughout the process, your Penuma surgeon works with you to understand how the appropriate size is selected and contoured for your optimal safety and aesthetics.

Additional Reading

Penuma is the first penis implant cleared by the FDA for enhancement purposes.

Guided by extensive knowledge of penile anatomy, some of the country's best surgeons have provided thousands of successful surgeries. Supported by clinical studies and rigorous patient screening protocols, Penuma implant procedures are performed by world-class doctors. Begin your discussion today.

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The Penuma Implant at Work

A REAL Augmentation You Can FEEL:

Penuma’s Commitment to Quality Cosmetic Male Enhancement

The Penuma implant is composed of a soft medical-grade silicone sleeve and is intended to provide a natural feel similar to the texture of the penis. It is manufactured at an ISO-certified facility under U.S. quality controls. The implant contains no liquids or gels, meaning it does not dissolve over time like other penile enlargement methods.

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Penuma model with grey hair
Penuma model with brown hair
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Penuma model with brown hair
Penuma model with brown hair

Penuma® Clinical Research

For over a decade, Penuma has been extensively researched, with studies published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Sexual Medicine and International Journal of Impotence Research.

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Find Your Answers about Penile Implants

Penuma FAQs

How much does Penuma® increase size?

Based on historical results, we have seen an average increase of 1" to 2" of added girth to the penis. Flaccid penile length gains have also been reported. Erect length increases, if any, are unpredictable and depend on the individual patient's anatomy. Individual results may vary.

Additional Reading

How much does the Penuma® procedure cost? Can I get Penuma covered by insurance?

Depending on the clinic selected, the cost of the procedure ranges from $16,000 to $18,000. Because the Penuma procedure is an elective cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance.

Prices for specific clinics can be found on the individual doctor’s pages through our Locations page. Your consultant can help you see what financing options are available for your location from our third-party lenders. Learn more about the costs of the Penuma® implant.

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Penuma® Patient Reviews

We couldn’t say it any better. We could go on about the benefits of Penuma male enhancement surgery, but why not listen to our patient reviews? These are real patients that have received the Penuma implant.

Penuma is a game-changer. Don’t just take our word for it – see what others have to say.

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Transformative Results

Is Penuma right for you? Find Out Today.

Are you considering getting a Penuma implant but unsure if you qualify? If you are older than 21 and want penile augmentation, the Penuma procedure could be a possibility for you. For people with buried penises, retractile penises, or mild to moderate penile curvature, Penuma may be a viable solution.

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to decide whether the Penuma penile enhancement surgery is the appropriate decision for you since we understand that every man’s situation is unique. Schedule your consultation today to learn if Penuma can help you live a life of confidence.