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Does Losing Weight Make Your Penis Bigger?

Losing weight can help visually increase the size of your penis. The relationship between weight loss and penis size comes down to the amount of fat in your suprapubic area.

The less fat surrounding your penis, the bigger your penis will look, and the more length you can effectively use during intercourse. But how much bigger?

Does Losing Weight Increase Size?

Men can gain 1 inch of penis length for every 30-50 pounds they lose. The catch of the relationship between weight loss and penis size is your current weight.

You won’t see any gains in length if you are of average weight and manage to shed 30 pounds. This really only provides a noticeable visual gain for significantly overweight or obese men.

While penis size by race is what people think has the most size difference, it’s actually penis size by weight that has the more noticeable difference.

Your Penis Before and After Weight Loss

If you are obese, you might suffer from buried penis syndrome. This causes the penis to be buried or hidden under your supra pubic fat pad.

After you lose that weight, your genitals have the space they need to fully show themselves. Your penis and testicles will look larger. This will give you a psychological boost in the bedroom.

Let’s look at how to lose that fat around your penis.

How to Lose Fat Around Penis

The first step to losing fat around your penis is to significantly change your diet after consulting with a dietitian. You won’t see results from any exercise program if you keep eating fatty foods.

Ditch all refined and processed foods. Add things to your diet that are rich in omega 3, vitamin c, and calcium. Foods with these nutrients fight fat deposit build up in the abdomen and supra pubic area.

When it comes to exercise, you want to focus on burning fat in the right areas. Do exercises like scissor kicks, reverse crunches, and leg raises to target abdominal fat.

Work within the limits of your body. If you have too much to lose through traditional exercise, you might be a candidate for supra pubic fat removal. This is a specialized liposuction procedure that removes fat and excess skin.

Consult a medical professional before starting a diet or exercise program.

The Penuma Implant Increases Penis Size

Losing weight will only increase your penis size visually. You always were this size, but some of your penis was blocked by fat. Supra pubic fat removal in conjunction with Penuma implant surgery has produced great results for those who suffer from a buried or retractile penis.

Penis enlargement surgery might be right for you if weight loss did not make you satisfied with your penis size.

Several case studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Penuma implant. The implant has been successfully used in thousands of patients with high rates of satisfaction and increased self-confidence and increased self-esteem.


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