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How to Measure Your Penis: A Guide for Accurate Measurement

While measuring your penis seems like an entertaining pastime, it can also be important for your sexual health to know the true size of your penis.

Many men use improper measuring techniques when measuring their penis length and circumference, leading to incorrect results. If you’re wondering how to correctly measure your penis length and girth, here’s what you need to know.

Why Measure Your Penis?

There are medical reasons to measure your penile length and penis girth.

Knowing your penis length and circumference allows you to select the right size condom.

If a condom is too loose, you’re at risk of it prematurely falling off or tearing due to the extra friction.

However, if a condom is too tight, this can decrease your sensation and cause you to lose your erection. Too-tight condoms are also more likely to break.

Any condom that’s the wrong size potentially puts you at risk of acquiring an STI or your partner at risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

Having objective statistics can also help with body dysmorphia and confidence issues.

Measuring your manhood in relation to the average can provide assurance that you are indeed average or above-average in size. You may have a huge penis and not even know it!

On the other hand, accurately knowing that your penis is below average can help you decide whether or not cosmetic enhancement is an option worth considering.

how to measure girth with man holding measuring tape

How to Measure Penis When Flaccid

You can measure your penis erect or flaccid, but there is a difference in average penis size when comparing a flaccid and erect penis.

When flaccid, the average penis measures 3.61 inches in length and 3.66 inches in girth. A penis’s girth can be also thought of as its circumference.

How to Measure Length

To measure your penile length, grab a ruler or tape measure. You’ll begin measuring at the tip of your penis’s head. Then, measure down your penis in a straight line to the tip of your pubic bone.

If you have fat, hair, or flesh around the base of your penis, make sure you push past it until you reach the public bone.

This means that you will measure the length of your penis from the top, rather than the underside. There’s a valid reason for this, even if it results in a shorter measurement.

Measuring to the tip of your pubic bone ensures that there’s a clear stopping point. When you measure from the underside of your penis, where to stop your penis measurement is less clear.

Some men may decide to stop at a certain point on their pubic bone, while others may choose to measure past the testicles. The results aren’t comparable because the techniques used to measure their penises aren’t uniform.

How to Measure Girth

To measure your penis girth, you’ll need a piece of string (you can measure it against a ruler or tape measure) or a flexible tape measure.

You’ll wrap the tape measure or string around the shaft of your penis; it’s fine to use the widest point.

When using a string, mark the point where the string ends and place the string along a ruler or tape measure to obtain your measurement.

How to Find Your Condom Size

When you’re condom shopping, you might notice that some condom manufacturers use penis diameter or width to assist customers with finding the correct size condom.

Fortunately, once you know your penis’s girth or circumference, this information is easy to calculate. Take the girth of your penis and divide it by 3.14.

For example, if your penis’s girth is 3.5 inches, dividing 3.5 by 3.14 yields a diameter or width of 1.11 inches.

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What to Do If You’re Concerned About Your Penis Size

It’s possible to have a healthy, fulfilling sex life regardless of your penile length and girth.

However, if you have concerns about the size of your penis, there are options for enhancement.

The Penuma® penile enhancement implant can augment penis size. The implant is created from soft, medical-grade silicone that’s designed to look and feel natural. Individual results may vary.

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