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Penile Implant Removal: Why would I want my Himplant implant removed?

Himplant Penile Implant Removal: Overview

Aside from safety, the central focus of every cosmetic procedure should be a patient’s satisfaction with the results – even in the later months and years following the surgery.

The Himplant™ penis enlargement implant is no different. That’s why regardless of many favorable reviews and high reported satisfaction rates, Himplant recipients may elect to remove the implant at any time through a simple surgery and rehabilitation program in the rare case that they prefer to remove the implant.

Why might a Himplant (Penuma's next-gen male enhancement solution) recipient decide to remove their penis enlargement implant?

Every patient who undergoes this procedure does so with their own motivations and expectations, so the decision to remove the implant often comes down to personal criteria. That said, the patients who opt to remove their implant generally attribute their choice to a broader set of reasons, which we go over below.

Discomfort with Large Penis Size

Certain patients may find adjusting to a bigger penis more awkward than others. Length and girth increases may cause discomfort when wearing clothing, discomfort when exercising, and/or discomfort when sitting.

It’s also important to remember that, while Himplant, the evolved successor to Penuma, is made of high quality materials, it’s still a silicone implant. Even the softest medical grade silicone available will never feel completely identical to natural flesh.

For most patients, any discomfort will subside over time as they and their partner grow accustomed to the new anatomy. However, some patients may conclude that they prefer their former anatomy, in which case they may opt for implant removal.

Visual Dissatisfaction with Penis Shape

While physical discomfort may provoke the decision to revise penis enlargement surgery for some patients, others may feel dissatisfied with the appearance of their penis after implantation. After all, patients only get a full sense of their results post-operation.

Some in this camp may realize that they prefer the look of their former penis, while some decide they would like an even bigger penis. In these cases, when eligible, patients may not choose complete removal but rather replacement with an implant closer to their desired size.

Partner Input

For many implant recipients, improving satisfaction for their partners serves as the motivation for undergoing male enhancement surgery. As a result, partner input may affect their preference for keeping or removing the implant.

In some cases, partners may dislike the new penile appearance, or find it difficult to adjust to the new size during sexual intercourse. Such unfavorable reception can spur the choice to remove the implant.

Complications from Noncompliance

While designed to be as minimally invasive as possible, the Himplant procedure involves both surgery and adherence to pre- and post-operation guidelines to ensure safe healing and penile operation. Deviating from these guidelines can put patients at risk of complications that ultimately require removal of the implant.

Examples of patient noncompliance may include:

  • Resuming physical activity prior to the recommended time (typically 4-6 weeks)
  • Resuming sexual activity prior to full recovery (typically 6-8 weeks)
  • Wearing tight clothing prior to full recovery
  • Smoking tobacco or using illicit drugs before full recovery
  • Receiving further penile enhancement from non-compatible procedures such as fat injections
  • Neglecting post-operative protocol regarding hygiene or aftercare of the operated region

Each of these behaviors makes male implant recipients more vulnerable to developing infection or rupturing their sutures prematurely. When these complications happen, implant removal may become necessary, even if the patient is satisfied with the results of the cosmetic surgery.

That’s why patients should always follow their Himplant physician’s advice and consult them before adjusting any pre- or post-op routines.

Surgical Complications

Although Himplant physicians do their best to perform optimal procedures in adherence to the latest medical protocols, any surgical procedure inevitably carries the risk of complications. The most commonly seen complications from Himplant include infection, detached sutures, and seroma or fluid buildup. In some of these cases, the implant may need to be removed to ensure the patient’s safety.

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Changes in Preferences

Occasionally, the decision for implant removal results from a change in personal preferences or views.

For instance, after having a father diagnosed with cancer, one patient decided to remove all “unnatural” objects within their body, and thus opted to remove their implant. These types of situations are less predictable, but the ease of removal surgery nonetheless will accommodate patients who face circumstances that demand implant removal.

How Common is Penile Implant Removal?

According to a post-op study of 100 Himplant, the evolved successor to Penuma, recipients, 90% of patients retained their original implant, whereas 10% underwent implant removal or revision for the various reasons listed above.

Per the article “Update on the Himplant™: an FDA-cleared penile implant for aesthetic enhancement of the flaccid penis” recently published in the International Journal of Impotence Research (2022):

Of the 100 patients who were interviewed, 90 patients (90%) still have their implant in without revision or removal. Comparatively, 10 (10%) patients had the implant removed or replaced. Of the 10 patients who had the implant removed, 4 patients (4%) reported that the cause of the removal was due to infection, 3 patients (3%) reported that the cause was due to suture loosening, 1 patient (1%) reported it was due to both infection and suture loosening, and 2 patients (2%) reported desiring removal of the implant for personal preference. (Wilson and Picazo, 4)

As such, removal of Himplant is generally rare among penis enlargement surgery patients, though a removal procedure exists to oblige those with complications or who are unsatisfied with their results. Those who undergo removal surgery typically see a return to their formal penile appearance after 6 months of rehabilitation treatment.

However, the existence of a removal procedure does not suggest that receiving a Himplant is a frivolous or trivial procedure to begin with. As with any surgery, implantation, its effects, and potential benefits and complications should be considered carefully and discussed with a physician before a patient chooses this course of action.


Patients seeking male enhancement will have a variety of hopes in mind going into an enlargement operation, from aesthetic makeover to increased sexual confidence. As a result, every implant recipient will expect an outcome and judge their results accordingly. During the initial stage of the process, patients will speak to Himplant consultants to make sure that their expectations are realistic.

Thousands of men have received Himplant, and the majority find that their penis enlargement implant meets or exceeds their expectations of enhancement. But in the occasional event that a patient prefers to revert to their original size, whether due to size discomfort, visual dissatisfaction, complications from noncompliance, or changes to personal preferences, implant removal is a viable option.

After all, a patient’s satisfaction should be key to any cosmetic enhancement procedure.

To see the results of some of our former patients, view our Himplant before and after gallery.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

Please note that individual results may vary. The potential complications, risks, benefits, and alternatives, including no surgery, will be discussed with you at length before proceeding with any procedure.

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