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Dr. Carvajal in Medellin, Colombia

Dr. Carvajal & Himplant®

Dr. Carvajal is a urologist with a subspecialization in Andrology and Sexual Medicine. He is an expert in erectile dysfunction, male infertility, ejaculation disorders, male genital aesthetics, among other areas.

Himplant Physician Dr. Carvajal

About Dr. Carvajal

The procedures are performed at IQ Interquirofanos, one of the most successful medical-surgical institutions in Colombia. They have state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, providing comfort to patients.

Located in the populated neighborhood, it offers easy access to hotels, medical laboratories, and various strategic points to ensure patients enjoy their stay.

Cost and Financing

The cost of the procedure with Dr. Carvajal is $13,000.

Consultation Information

Our consultants are here to assist you in scheduling a Himplant consultation with Dr. Carvajal. Dr. Carvajal and his team provide consultations in Spanish, English, and Portuguese to accommodate your needs.

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