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Penile Length & Girth: Penis Anatomy and Average Girth Size

One of the most common questions men have regarding the size of their penis is something along the lines of, "Am I normal?"

The good news is penis size varies greatly, so "normal" can mean just about anything. With that said, what are your goals? Could it change your confidence and quality of life to know you're above average? Knowing more about what average looks like and how it is determined can help you understand where you are and where you want to be. It is also important to remember that even though they both have to do with overall size, penis length and girth differ from each other both functionally and sexually.

How do you measure penis girth and length?

When measuring penis size, it's important to take both length and girth into consideration and know the basics of penis anatomy. Length, of course, is the base-to-tip measurement, while girth is where it is the widest around.

To accurately measure length, the penis should be erect, and the measuring device should be pressed against the pubic bone at the base of the penis and then extended to measure from the base to the tip.

For girth, the typical measurement method is to use a non-stretchable string or soft measuring tape to gently wrap around the thickest part of the erect penis. With a tape measure, the girth measurement can be checked using the inch marks on the tape itself. If a string is used, note where the ends meet and then measure that part of the string against a ruler. To ensure accurate measurement, avoid the use of a stretching string or tape.

What is the average penis girth and length?

Over the last decade, studies, such as this one published by the British Journal of Urology International among others, have been conducted to take accurate measurements to help determine the average penis girth and length. The numbers might surprise you. Typical popular belief in average penis length and average girth size is often based on pop culture as well as other studies that have been conducted based on self-reporting, which is, understandably, not always accurate. According to these professionally conducted studies, average penis length and girth in various penile states are as follows:

  • Erect Penis Length - 5.17 in
  • Erect Penis Girth - 4.59 in
  • Flaccid Penis Length - 3.61 in
  • Flaccid Stretched Penis Length - 5.21 in
  • Flaccid Penis Girth - 3.67 in
penile length vs girth

How does penis length or girth impact its functionality?

Obviously, most men are concerned about having a large penis or penis size in general due to sexual performance. Very few medical concerns arise simply due to penis size.

When it comes to sexual performance, the overall consensus with the majority of surveyed women is that girth is the more important factor than length. Anatomically speaking, a woman's vagina is only about 4 inches or less in circumference, so in general, the more penis girth, the more stimulation. On the other hand, extreme length can sometimes cause discomfort or painful sex.

How can I increase the girth of my penis?

For most men, the first thought when attempting to increase penis girth is pills or supplements. There is no evidence that these kinds of supplements work, and some studies have actually shown them to be dangerous, especially with ongoing use. Certain blood flow exercises may be safer than pills but can also cause pain if done incorrectly and are not proven to add girth either.

The first FDA-cleared penile implant for cosmetic augmentation, Penuma®, is one of the only options that shows documented results and can increase penis girth in some men up to two inches. This implant was developed by internationally recognized urologists and consists of a medical-grade silicone implant inserted with little-to-no visible scarring upon healing.

Find Out If You’re Eligible

When some people hear "penis implants," they may think it's just for men trying to achieve an overly huge penis. This is not necessarily the case, and penis proportion is often a crucial driver for men seeking to increase penis size. Your motivations, your anatomy, and your expectations for outcome will all be taken into consideration by a surgeon during a Penuma® consultation.

If you're seriously considering cosmetic surgery to increase penis size, Penuma® offers advanced technology designed by medical professionals with advanced knowledge of penile anatomy. Extensive research has been conducted on this implant, and peer-reviewed studies have been published in major journals such as the Journal of Sexual Medicine and the International Journal of Impotence Research, presenting results for penis size increase with Penuma® in the studies.


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