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How is the Penuma® Implant Size (XXL, XL, L) Determined? Real Patients, Real Results Actual Penile Enhancement Before And After Photos.


If you are considering penis implant surgery, it’s essential to get all the facts.

Here are the facts about our penis enlargement procedure, the choices you have, recovery time, and lasting effects for you and your partner.

What is Penuma®?

Penuma® is the first FDA-cleared penile implant that can increase both girth and flaccid length.

We are proud to offer appropriate candidates the opportunity for penile aesthetic enhancements.

Who is Behind Penuma®?

Penuma® was developed by Dr. James Elist, a Beverly Hills urologist, who wanted to provide an aesthetic enhancement service for patients who are dissatisfied with their penis size.

Dr. Elist enlisted a team who created the first FDA-cleared penis silicone implant that provides notable enlargement to a penis. As pioneers of this type of surgery, our team has refined the Penuma® penile implant procedure over the years.

What are the Penuma® Size Options?

Penuma size XXL

While Penuma® offers three implant sizes (Large, XL, and XXL), the right size for you will be based on your original individual size. Your surgeon will assess your size and choose the right fit to increase the success rate of the aesthetic procedure.

With any of the Penuma® implant sizes, whether XXL, XL or otherwise, the implant is designed to provide increased girth, flaccid length, and self-confidence. The implants are not guaranteed to increase the length of your erection, but it does happen for some individuals.

We have typically seen an increase of 1 to 2 inches in penile girth over the course of months after the procedure. Individual results will vary. As with any surgical procedure, it’s important to consider the possible risks and complications.

How Does the Surgery Work?

The penis enlargement surgery is straightforward. The video below provides an animation of the procedure:

First, a small incision is made above or below the base of the penis. The silicone implant is inserted through the incision down the penile shaft. It is secured with sutures that, most patients report, cannot be felt by a partner or the patient.

You can see the results for yourself here.

As an elective procedure, a few conditions must be met before being accepted as a candidate. Patients must be circumcised, non-smokers, who have not undergone PMMA or AlloDerm procedures to be considered candidates for the Penuma® implant.

Patients must also have realistic expectations going into the procedure. Your patient consultant can help determine if you are a candidate.

Does Penuma® Implant Size Impact the Length of the Procedure?

Getting a Penuma® implant is a short outpatient procedure regardless of implant size, and most patients are walking the day of surgery with minimal pain.

Healing takes time, but many return to routine daily activities within two to three days. The patient should refrain from masturbation and play with sexual partners after the surgery.

Sexual activity can be resumed after clearance by the clinic, which typically takes six to eight weeks. Individual results may vary.

Are There Ever Postoperative Complications?

It is incredibly important to follow the postoperative instructions, as deviation can result in complications that could include implant removal. It is a non-negotiable that a patient must refrain from using any type of penis pump sleeve or any penis exercises after the procedure.

There may be some level of swelling, redness, and residual pain / discomfort on your penile tissue for a few weeks after the surgery. Thankfully, patients have not experienced issues with urination after the procedure but may experience painful erections (typically in the first few weeks after surgery due to the expansion of the penis skin and changes in size).

As with any surgical procedure, there is always a risk of infection that will be minimized through antibiotics and other means.

Patients may experience scar formation, fibrosis, keloid formation, or potential bends due to the placement of the implant. The bend can be addressed through medication or surgery. Some patients experience hyper or hypo-sensitivity after the surgery.

A Penuma® implant surgeon will discuss any risks, complications, alternatives (including no surgery), and benefits before the procedure. A Penuma® surgery consultant is on hand to discuss any questions you might have about our aesthetic surgery.

Has Penuma® Received External Reviews and Media Coverage?

Many patients, doctors, and media outlets have reviewed the product.

Click on the links to hear a bit more about our product.

How Do I Get More Information About the Penuma® Penile Implant?

Penuma® is available through a network of world-class, highly experienced surgeons at institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Mt. Sinai, and others.

If you have any more questions about penis enlargement or wish to speak to a consultant, visit our contact page.

Real Patients, Real Results

Actual Penile Enhancement Before And After Photos.

Penuma Implant Before & After Gallery


This content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

Please note that individual results may vary. The potential complications, risks, benefits, and alternatives, including no surgery, will be discussed with you at length before proceeding with any procedure.

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