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Beverly Hills, CA Penuma® Providers

Beverly Hills, CA Penuma® Providers

A Game Changer

What is Penuma®?

Penuma® is the first FDA-cleared penile implant for male cosmetic enhancement. It was developed by world-renowned urologists and scientists and has been successfully implanted in thousands of men since 2004. The Penuma® implant is made of medical-grade silicone, which doctors insert through a small incision along the scrotum.

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What are the benefits of Penuma®?

Penuma® is designed for penis enlargement. Many patients have seen an average girth increase of one to two inches, with some also reporting flaccid length increases. Penuma® is made from a silicone sheath (rather than an injection) and is designed to provide a smooth and consistent girth increase along the shaft. Penuma® has a long track record, with thousands of satisfied patients across the globe. If you are looking for cosmetic penis enhancement, Penuma® may be your answer.

Maximize Your Potential

Am I a good candidate for Penuma®?

In order to get a Penuma® implant, you must meet certain criteria. You must be over 21 and circumcised. If you are not circumcised, the Penuma® physicians can provide a circumcision procedure in advance of a Penuma® procedure. There are other criteria that your Penuma® provider will discuss with you to make sure you can receive the Penuma® implant safely.

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A Short Surgery

Your Penuma® Implant Procedure

You will receive anesthesia to make you sleep during the surgery. Your Beverly Hills Penuma® surgeon will then put in a medical-grade silicone implant along your penis through an incision on the scrotum. The procedure typically takes approximately an hour to complete. Please make arrangements to have a competent adult drive you home following your procedure. If you do not have someone who can provide transportation, the clinic can recommend a service for you.

Time to Relax

Penuma® Recovery

You should be able to walk around the same day as the surgery, but it’s important to take it easy. Your surgeon will provide detailed pre-op and post-op instructions to give you the best chance for a successful recovery. Just like any medical implant, Penuma® comes with some possible risks, such as the potential for infection, seroma, erosion, and scarring. Your surgeon will brief you on all potential risks and the steps to potentially mitigate them. Please follow your post-op instructions carefully. Beverly Hills Penuma patients can typically resume normal activities (including sex) within a few months of surgery (though individual results vary).

A World of Difference

Penuma® Results

Penuma® can be a life-changing procedure for the men who receive it. Our patients report noticeable increases in penis girth, typically between one to two inches. Some patients also report increases in penile length. Many patients report increases in self-confidence and self-esteem following the procedure.

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Live your life to the fullest with Penuma®, the first-ever FDA-cleared implant for cosmetic penis enhancement. Schedule your Beverly Hills, CA, Penuma® consultation with one of our trained providers today to see if Penuma® is right for you.

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Penuma®Frequently Asked Questions

You will be asleep during your surgery. Your doctor will give you post-op instructions to follow to minimize discomfort during recovery.

Like all medical implants, there are possible risks with Penuma®, including infection, erosion, scarring, and seroma. Following your pre-op and post-op instructions can help minimize the chances of any risks.

Transformative Results

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We are committed to ensuring that you possess all the necessary information to determine whether Himplant's penile enhancement procedure aligns with your unique circumstances. Schedule a consultation today and explore how Himplant by Penuma can empower you to lead a life filled with confidence.